Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hunger Pains

Well, here I go attempting to write my first blog again. Not really sure on how to do it, except to just write. Our church just completed our 3rd week of a fast (food or something that really means something to you), and I decided on the food part as it plays a big part in my life. I could do the TV thing, only I don't watch a lot of TV...or I can't find the time to do so by the time I get everything else done in the day. No, food means a lot....which I think everyone would probably agree on if you knew me. I love to cook, but when I feel like it.

My mother just had surgery on her knee last Thursday, so I've been playing a little bit of
"nurse" also. Just a little bit...I'm very weak when it comes to changing dressings. I cut the gauze for her and helped her wrap her leg, but I'm not good on cleaning someone elses boo-boos. Had a really good meal that first night, but the cleaning up afterwards was a chore in itself. The house was cleaned Thursday while she was out of it, but the kitchen probably needs to be mopped again as I spilt water everywhere. Had a pot of beans cooking and set my spoon in a cup that had about half a cup of water in it and the bread box wasn't latched properly, so it fell down on my cup and you'd have thought a whole gallon of water was in it. Well it knocked the pepper over (one of those large plastic containers), and the pepper fell into the was a domino affect. Pepper water everywhere, under the rug, the side of the cabinet. And the dog was everywhere I turned. The last person to use the paper towels did not put a new roll on. I had a few thoughts go through my head, and they weren't nice ones. Mama has the paper towels stored on the back porch which has a door width of about 2 inches (or so it seems to me). Regardless of the measurement, its not wide enough for my wheelchair to get through, so I had to call my sister up (who had just left less than 5 minutes before) to come get a new roll out for me. I hate having to depend on people for things. My meal turned out good though...salmon croquettes, dried baby lima beans, rice and stewed tomatoes, carrot raisin salad (I grated them myself...and part of the knuckle on my thumb), and homemade bran muffins to boot. We both inhaled it down as if we hadn't eaten in a week. Mama hadn't eaten since the night before her surgery, and it was the same for me since we've been fasting. I got tickled when I talked to my younger sister Ginger the other day when she called to check on Mama. She said, "Come Monday morning I'll probably have a Reese's cup for breakfast, an oatmeal cake for snack, fudge round for lunch, and two Reese's cups for supper." All joking aside, every time I felt the urge to eat, I would say, "Lord, I'm hungry. I will pick up your word instead and eat it". And you know what? It really was satifying until the next craving came. He was a step ahead of me because John wrote in the 35th verse of chapter 6 the following.... Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty." The fast is officially over this morning, but the craving for the Lord should never end.