Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First and Last Day of Teaching

Since moving our work location last week, Mama is a little lonesome at the house, so I decided to do something that may help solve this little problem...

For over a year now she's been wanting to get a computer so that she can keep up with her sisters, children, grandchildren, friends, etc. Many times she's says she never understands all of the computer jargon we speak, so my answer to that is, "Mama, you need to take a beginner's computer class." Months ago, I showed her the class for senior citizen's over at SFCC on Saturday's, but that didn't seem to excite her. So being the wonderful daughter I am, I decided to get down on the beginner's level and teach her the basics....I mean basics like, "The mouse we will use is not a rodent, and the cursor is not someone that spouts out curse words."

Since our old business phone number was cut off from the house and original office location, our Internet service was cut off also so we no longer have DSL at home, therefore I didn't have to show her anything about getting online yet....thank goodness.

I told her how to turn the computer and monitor on, and that you DO NOT turn your computer off the same way you turned it on. I tell you this because I bent down to turn the computer on and she is following my example and pushes the same button right after me....... My cursor almost came into play. The computer I was teaching her on does not have a flat screen (yet), and she seemed to think the computer itself was all in the back part of the monitor, and not in the tower. At this point my thoughts were...boy, have I got my work cut out. I showed her when to use the right click, and when to use the left. I told her what a link was. I even told her how to get on Solitaire since she played it about 10 years ago when I had another old computer.

If she gets a computer I wanted her to know how to type a letter or document, so we went to Word. Mama knows how to type on a typewriter, but I wanted to show her basics about setting her font and font size. I gave her a sentence to type, then showed her how to underline and use bold print. At one point I told her to type something and noticed she was typing something different, and this is what she typed, "This is too difficult a thing to teach a 75 year old person." After about 30 minutes of her computer lesson, she said she was tired, so I told her to start shutting it down and she immediately went to playing Solitaire, then she shut it down.

After I got home from work yesterday, she told me she played about a dozen or more games of Solitaire, and that she still had the "swing of it." Bless her heart....if all else fails, she needs to stick with her piano playing.

Old people are proud of their grandchildren and children are proud of their parents. ~ Proverbs 17:6